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A biotech company from Osaka University focused on “drug discovery, research and development”

“Regeneration-Inducing Medicine”, which we have aimed to establish through research and development since our foundation, in collaboration with Osaka University, is medicine based on a completely new and unprecedented mechanism of action, promoting functional regeneration and healing of living tissue that has lost function due to injury or disease.

Unlike conventional regenerative medicine or cell therapy, “Regeneration-Inducing Medicine” does not require the administration of living cells. Instead, it uses a method where stem cells present in the patient’s own body are activated by administering a substance (the medicine), achieving highly effective regenerative therapy more conveniently and safely. Since the development of “Regeneration-Inducing Medicine” enables the supply of products achieving rapid regenerative therapy of stable quality in a way that is not feasible using living cell preparations, it has the potential to bring about new regenerative therapies that can be widely adopted.

Stem cells induced by the “Regeneration-Inducing Medicine” inside the patient’s body are transported inside the body by blood circulation and accumulate specifically in injured tissue. Because the stem cells that have accumulated at the injury site have the ability to differentiate into various types of tissues such as nerves, skin, bone, cartilage, muscle and blood vessels, it is expected that the shared platform of “Regeneration-Inducing Medicine” can be used to bring a wide range of treatment effects for many of intractable diseases associated with tissue injury, including central nervous system diseases such as cerebral infarction and spinal cord injury, cardiovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction or cardiomyopathy, epithelial diseases such as intractable skin ulcers, and mesenchymal disease such as intractable fractures.

Type of income Details
Lump-sum contract payment Income obtained as a lump sum when a contract for joint research or licensing is concluded
Milestone income Lump-sum income obtained each time the set target for each development stage (development milestone) is reached, or, after product launch, lump-sum income obtained each time a sales target value (sales milestone) is reached
Royalty income Income obtained after launch as a fixed percentage, specified in advance in a licensing contract, of sales of the product by the pharmaceutical manufacturer with which the licensing contract has been concluded
Joint research income Income obtained as remuneration for conducting joint research using our intellectual property