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Widespread Indication

In general, medicines exhibit a therapeutic effect by acting directly on a one-to-one basis with respect to a molecule causing a specific disease.


In contrast, our Regeneration-inducing Medicine does not directly act on the mechanism of disease itself. The direct pharmacological action of the Regeneration-inducing Medicine is “to release multi-potent stem cells from the bone marrow into peripheral blood”, and as a secondary effect which follows, the released stem cells are then delivered to the injured site, and will repair and regenerate the tissues. This two-step mechanism of action is the characteristic of our Regeneration-inducing Medicine.


In other words, while Regeneration-inducing Medicine has only a single platform pharmacological action of supplying multi-potent stem cells systemically, the stem cells supplied locally in the body then demonstrate various therapeutic effects depending on the sites they delivered to and on the type of disease in each patient.


Stem cells recruited by the Regeneration-inducing Medicine regenerate the skin tissue when administered to patients with skin defects, regenerate bones when administered to patients with fractures, regenerate the central nervous system when administered to patients who have spinal cord injuries, and regenerate myocardial tissue when administered to patients with myocardial infarction, by promoting appropriate tissue regeneration according to the environment of the tissues they are delivered to.


Due to the mechanism of action described above, Regeneration-inducing Medicines have the advantage of being a single molecule but with a wide range of indications compared to general compound medicines.


Furthermore, it is known that “bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells”, which are induced by our Regeneration-inducing Medicines, have multifaceted therapeutic effects such as (1) tissue regenerative action, (2) anti-inflammation action, and (3) anti-fibrosis action, and their therapeutic efficacies are also supported by many clinical trials of cell therapies using mesenchymal stem

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