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About “Regeneration Inducing Medicine”

Our “Regeneration-inducing Medicine” is a next-generation regenerative medicine that realizes the same therapeutic effect as conventional regenerative medicine/cell therapy only through drug administration without using living cells and tissues.


Inherently, organisms are equipped with the ability to repair their damaged tissues due to injury or illness. This ability is carried by the tissue stem cells existing in organisms, which can differentiate into various tissues with multipotent ability. In damaged tissues, such tissue stem cells proliferate and differentiate to promote functional tissue regeneration.


Our “Regeneration-inducing Medicine” aims to maximize the efficiency of this innate tissue regeneration capability.


Regeneration-inducing Medicine promotes tissue regeneration by increasing the supply of tissue stem cells, forming the basis of this tissue regeneration mechanism.


It has been shown that one of our most developed candidates functions to accelerate the reconstruction of damaged tissues, by mobilizing bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells into the peripheral blood stream, resulting in increasing the amount of circulating mesenchymal stem cells and finally accumulating them in the damaged tissue.


The concept of Regeneration-inducing Medicine is to promote functional tissue regeneration utilizing the innate tissue repairing ability with the patient’s own stem cells in the body.

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