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Technology Overview

“Regeneration-inducing Medicine”, our current topic of research and development, is an innovative medicine with a novel mechanism that promotes regeneration of damaged tissues/organs burdened with injury or disease by maximizing the function of endogenous tissue stem cells in the patient’s body.


As a conventional regenerative medicine, cell therapy has attracted much attention so far, and is expected to be a treatment for rebuilding damaged tissues. Various efforts toward its practical application have been made since the 1980’s.


However, there are still various difficulties in the practical use of conventional “regenerative medicine”, i.e., cell therapy, in terms of production cost, safety, pharmaceutical regulations, logistics, etc., and it has not been widely spread as a general treatment method to date. The cause of these difficulties is that in cell therapy it is necessary to isolate cells from the body and cultivate them in large quantities before administering treatment.


In contrast, our “Regeneration-inducing Medicine” does not require any collection of cells or in vitro culture. By simply administering the medicine, we mobilize the stem cells in the patient’s body to the injured site and promote functional regeneration of the damaged tissue.


“Regeneration-inducing Medicine”, can realize tissue regeneration by administering compounds and can solve all the issues associated with conventional regenerative medicine/cell therapy and can be an innovative therapeutic means to reach patients suffering from intractable diseases worldwide.


Through intensive research and development to date, we have succeeded in identifying several in vivo substances that function to mobilize bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells into blood, and have confirmed the remarkable therapeutic effect of these substances through experiments using various disease model animals. Based on these identified in vivo substances, StemRIM

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