Through collaboration with Osaka University, StemRIM has discovered several in vivo substances with physiological activity that have never been known before, which mobilize patients’ own multi-potent stem cells from the bone marrow into the peripheral blood stream.


Bone marrow-derived circulating multi-potent stem cells were induced by these in vivo substances and promoted regeneration of the damaged tissues by rapidly migrating and accumulating at the injured site.


StemRIM is actively pursuing research and development in order to commercialize these in vivo substances as new drugs, commonly referred as “Regeneration-inducing Medicine”, which is designed based on a novel mechanism of action and has a potential to cure various intractable injuries/diseases.


It is expected that our Regeneration-inducing Medicine that promotes regeneration of injured tissues by mobilizing the patients’ endogenous stem cells in vivo will be a revolutionary medicine that realizes simple, safe, and low-cost regenerative therapy.



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